Stair Lift Rentals

Renting a stair lift is a viable option of for short period of time. Generally speaking, renting a stair lift for three months or less is cost effective.

Only straight stair lifts are rented. The only exception to this fact is if your stairs have a flat landing at the mid point, and you are willing to consider renting two separate straight stair lifts

  • Reasons Clients Rent Stairlifts:
  • - Hip / Knee / Back / Foot Surgery
  • - Homecare such as Hospice

  • Renting a Stair Lift Costs:
  • 3 Month Rental Cost: $900
  • Installation Cost: $300
  • StairLift Preparation Cost: $150 - $250
  • Total Cost Due: $1,350.00

This price range includes preparing the lift for your stairs, installing the lift, maintenance of the lift and a warranty.